/// So you've chosen Alclair Audio, but which Model is for you?
Alclair Audio makes in-ear monitors that are designed to meet your monitoring needs at a variety of price points. Their monitors are made for specific stage and studio needs, focusing on helping you get the monitor that's right for you and in your budget.

The Versa and Dual XB are a great place to start for stage musicians and vocalists. Moving to the Tour gives musicians more headroom and dynamic feel. The RSM is balanced and accurate and a great all arounder that can also handle front of house and studio tasks. The CMVK is a bass player and drummers dream with 4 low-end drivers to handle all the low-end energy with ease.

For professional musicians, the Spire is designed to never distort, it has a fairly even presentation with a dynamic and energetic feel. The RevX is a sheer powerhouse with heavy lows, lush mids and detailed highs.

The Studio line (Studio3, Studio4 and Electro) are designed for those who need more accuracy and balance. The custom made pure copper cable and multiple ports provide clarity and accuracy for music lovers and studio engineers. The Studio3 has a bit more feel, where the Studio4 is hyper-accurate. The Electro provides detail and clarity like nothing else, every nuance from reverb depth to string buzz is reproduced.

Which model is right for you? The one that fits your budget and needs. It's that simple. Itís not about the number of drivers or the price. It's about what's right for you!

So why Alclair Audio?
Alclair recognizes the investment you are making in your craft and hearing health and wants to honor that. Not only do they have a wide range of models so you donít have to spend more just to get something right for your instrument, but they also offer very affordable repair pricing and a generous warranty.

With Alclair, customer service is number one, whether you are performing on arena stages or basements, they care for you and your ears!

All of Alclairís models are made with the finest components and latest construction technologies. From the Electro, which is the world's first custom in-ear monitor to use electrostatic drivers, to the Versa which is the best sounding and most affordable model on the market, Alclair takes no shortcuts in building you the finest in-ear monitor available.

Current models in the range are: Versa, Dual XB, Reference, Tour, RSM, CMVK, Spire, RevX, Studio3, Studio4 and Electro - If you would like to demo any of the Alclair Audio custom in ear monitors please jump over to our demo sessions page...