/// So you've chosen Ultimate Ears, but which UE Pro Model is for you?
Ultimate Ears began because Alex Van Halen and his monitor engineer were tired of having things get between them and their music. So they took matters into their own hands and changed music forever. After working on prototypes for the band, they started sharing the first Custom In-Ear Monitors with other people as dedicated to music as they were. Selling them out of the back of their tour bus, word started spreading immediately.

As soon as musicians tried them, they understood that UE gave them something amazing – a way to protect their hearing while allowing them to perform better. They weren’t fashion statemments. They weren’t a trend. UE had planted a flag in the ground for people who lived for music. And everyone who put them on wanted to be a part of it.

Current models in the range are: UE 1 Pro, UE 4 Pro, UE 5 Pro, UE 7 Pro, UE 11 Pro, UE 18+ Pro, UE Reference Remastered - If you would like to demo any of the Ultimate Ears custom in ear monitors please jump over to our demo sessions page...