/// The place to get issues with your custom in ear monitors reported...
The online forms below allow you to report a fit, warranty, service or out of warranty issue. Please fill in the appropriate form in full, this will allow us to swiftly take care of you and your custom in ear monitors.

Before you do though, please check the following:

1) Sound Issue (Cable): If you have a sound issue with just 1 side try swapping the detachable cable from left to right and vice versa. If the issue swaps sides it will be a cable fault, if your cable is within its warranty period please contact us or if that's expired you can purchase a new cable by clicking here.

2) Sound Issue (Source): Try using different sources to ensure that your original source is not the issue.

3) Sound Issue (Wax): If you have lost sound or sound quality gradually, ensure that ALL sound tubes are free from ear wax, dirt and or debris.