/// InEarz P350-XB Triple Driver Custom In Ear Monitors: Discontinued

An introduction to their Pro series in ear monitors, the P350-XB is the enhanced bass version of their P350 - These are aimed at musicians that need some extra low-end (like drummmers and bass players) along with audiophiles that crave bass.

For the InEarz P350-XB you will need to have ear impressions, these will need to be made by an audiologist and are not included in the price, ear impressions will cost no more than 60 and once you've placed an order our online order process will guide you through the next steps for anywhere in the UK.
/// Impedance: 17 Ohms
/// Drivers: Triple Balanced Armature Drivers
/// Driver Config: 1x High & 2x Low + 3-Way CrossOver
/// Cable: Detachable Braided (Clear or Black)
/// Jack Plug: 3.5mm Gold Plated
/// Model: InEarz P350-XB, Case and Wax Cleaning Tool
/// Quality Checking of Ear Impressions: Yes
/// 3D Scanning & Storing of Ear Impressions: Yes
/// Cost of Shipping Impressions to Manufacturer: Yes
/// Cost of Shipping Completed IEMs from Manufacturer to Us: Yes
/// Taxes, Duty & UK Customs Handling Charges: Yes
/// Bank Fees for International Payment: Yes
/// Delivery: +8
/// Rush Service: +130
/// Warranty: 1 Year
/// Standard Colours: Included
/// Optional InEarz Logo: Included (click here to see styles)
/// Carbon Fibre (per side): +25
/// Brushed Silver or Brushed Gold (per side): +25
/// Pearl (per side): +25
/// Glitter (per side): +25
/// Wood (per side): +25
/// Green Abalone (per side): +25
/// Blue Paua (per side): +25
/// Mother of Pearl (per side): +25
/// Custom Artwork (per side): +25
/// Rhinestones (per side): +35
/// Watch Gears (per side): +75
/// Caviar Beads (per side): +35
/// Standard Colours: Included
/// Pearl (per side): +10
/// Clear Canals (per side): +10
/// Recessed Sockets: +20
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/// Previous Client: Place your order and then select 3D Scans on File.
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