/// Hearing Protection
So the single most important aspect of switching to custom in ear monitors is for hearing protection, custom IEMs will generally reduce the level of ambient noise by 27dB - In any live performance environment the noise levels are too high to perform without protecting your ears!

/// Monitor Feed
With custom IEMs you can say goodbye to monitor wedges, no more fighting to hear your mix at the right level, no more trying to hear your wedge over the next guys, no more trying to hear your wedge over amps or the PA - Using custom IEMs allows you to hear your mix, in your ears, at the level you want.

Don't forget that there can be a short delay in music coming out of monitor wedges, which can cause performers to play out of time. Monitor wedges will also sound fine when standing in one position, but if you move to the left or right, that sound is likely to change.

/// Fit
Ear impressions in essence give us and the manufacturer a 3D model of your ear, your custom IEMs are made from this giving nothing less than a perfect fit for EVERY client - More importantly the seal that you require to give that ambient noise protection is the best it can ever be from any in ear monitor.

/// Comfort
As above, being custom made they offer comfort that cannot be matched by universal IEMs or headphones.

/// Sound Quality
Sound quality from custom in ear monitors needs to be heard to be believed, superior clarity, superior detail, superior instrument separation, smoother transitions across the frequency range, more headroom and a wider soundstage. Normal earphones that simply go in-the-ear are worlds apart from custom IEMs but don't take our word for it, book yourself in for a demo session.

/// Performance
This is key - Performing with no ear protection is simply dangerous and can only lead to hearing issues, this is fact but even with custom ear plugs (which we can also supply) you still need to get over the monitor feed issues we discussed above. So why not universal IEMs? Yes they do the job but not as well as custom IEMs...

All to often we see live performances with musicians using universal IEMs and they are usually doing 1 of 3 things, 1) Trying to push them back in mid-performance, 2) Ignoring the fact that it's hanging out of their ear(s) as they've already tried numerous times to get them back in, or 3) They've given up and it's now just hanging down from their neck. All of these issues are distracting your focus away from your performance, your mix of course is affected but also your noise level protection is either drastically reduced or worse still you have none at all.

None of these issue apply to custom IEMs, once they're in, they're in, simply, custom IEMs are the way...

/// Designs
Custom IEMs are not just about the sound and the fit - You can of course have them made to your spec from a huge range of solid or translucent colours, you can add artwork, a logo, choose the length / colour of detachable cables and much more, the list of options is vast. Your custom IEMs will, without doubt be a one-off, bespoke design!