/// Lost or Damaged your Shure In Ear Monitors?
Don’t buy a new set, buy a spare? As a major dealer and stockist of Shure since 2006 we not only sell the full range of their in ear monitors / earphones but we also stock every spare that Shure produce, spare left & right sides for all of the SE range, volume controls, tips, cables, cases, the iPhone cable and much more!

shure se215 black left shure se215 black right
shure se215 clear left shure se215 clear right
shure se315 black left shure se315 black right
shure se315 clear left shure se315 clear right
shure se425 silver left shure se425 silver right
shure se425 clear left shure se425 clear right
shure se535 bronze left shure se535 bronze right
shure se535 clear left shure se535 clear right