/// JH Audio hires Chuck Reynolds as Director of Sales

/// Tuesday 7th May 2013 | Posted by P-dB | JH Audio hires Chuck Reynolds as Director of Sales...

JH Audio is pleased to announce that industry sales veteran Chuck Reynolds has joined the company as Director of Sales. Reynolds possesses more than two decades of sales leadership experience within the audiophile consumer electronics channel. Previously with Ultimate Ears, a company founded by JH Audio namesake Jerry Harvey, Chuck served as Global Director of Sales for nine years, managing the key customer relationships, overseeing dealer partners worldwide, creating all the sales processes and managing service and support - anything to acquire and keep custom customers.

"Chuck brings a great deal of market insight and knowledge to our team", said JH Audio Founder, Jerry Harvey. "He was integral in building the Ultimate Ears brand and we know he will be a great asset here at JH Audio. I'm very excited to work with him again".

JH Audio Co-Founder, Brittany Harvey added, "I have known Chuck for many years and we are thrilled to have him join our JH Audio family. I feel that this is going to be a great reunion for Jerry and Chuck".

Reynolds has always been on the "business side of music, beginning with the firm that provided funding for Jerry Harvey's first company". In his role, he ran marketing and sales for all of the companies in their portfolio, and once they entered the music industry, Chuck's passion aligned perfectly with the opportunity. In his first few years working with Jerry, he and his team produced double-digit growth year after year.

"My career is defined by working in the place where audio technology is pioneered and brought to a new level that perfectly describes JH Audio", outlined Reynolds. "Jerry has defined and redefined the marketplace and I am thrilled to be on his team again. Our clients are the beneficiaries of our groundbreaking work and the company's diligent commitment to excellence".