/// Save 's on your Custom In Ear Monitors


So, do you want to save some money when you purchase your custom in ear monitors from us? Of course you do and we think we have just the answer, we'll look after you, if you look after us...

/// Posted by P-dB | The Logo Endorsement Offer...

Here's what we can do when you purchase custom in ear monitors that have an artwork option:

5% off of the purchase price of your custom IEMs (excludes optional extras)

In return just have our logo added like the examples shown on this page, we have other choices, click here for those or we can create you a one-off design - Don't worry as we'll pay the artwork fee of course.

Offer Expired Dec 2014

/// Posted by P-dB | The Cashback Endorsement Offer...

Once you've placed an order with us, simply send us more clients, your band mates, people you know, well, anyone that needs custom IEMs - Each time you do this we'll refund you 5% of their custom IEM order value, eg: if the person you refer purchases custom IEMs for 399, then your refund will be 19.95 (note that the 5% is calculated off of their custom IEM purchase only and is not calculated off of any other options, spares or services that they purchase, eg: ear impressions). There is no limit to how many people you send us!

If you are not an existing client but still want to refer people, please contact us so that we can issue you with a referral account number. This is open to anyone, eg: tour managers, engineers, music teachers, audiologists, etc.

If you have a referral that you'd like to log now, simply click here.

Offer Expired Dec 2014