/// So you've chosen Minerva, but which model is for you?
Minerva Custom In Ear Monitors, the Mi-Range, give you custom fitted silicone comfort (Performer & Performer Pro) or Acrylic style (Artist Pro), crystal clear sound quality and unparallelled noise reduction. If you are a musician, audiophile or just want to upgrade your listening experience, the Mi-range let you hear what you need to and block out what you don't with the choice of 1 or 3 drivers.

Each set of Mi Custom In Ear Monitors are hand made by the most experienced technicians in the largest earmould laboratory in the UK. These Custom In Ear Monitors combine the most advanced balanced armature transducers with a earpiece that exactly fits your ear. Fitting like a bespoke suit, letting you hear detail in your music you didnít know was there and they're durable enough for the rigours of the road, our clients love the Mi-range and so can you!

Current models in the range are: Mi-Performer, Mi-Performer Pro, Mi-Artist (Coming Soon) and Mi-Artist Pro (Coming Soon)