/// So you've chosen your Custom IEMs, let's start the TLC process!
Custom in ear monitors are an essential part of your kit, without them you won't perform to your best however with the right care they'll give you many years of protection and improved performances. All too often we see IEMs go down as they are simply not cared for, they're dirty, they're full of wax and debris, the cable is frayed, the list goes on - When does this happen? Usually just before that important gig or tour!

Here at The Custom IEM Company, the home of custom in ear monitors in the UK we have all of the items you'll need to care of your monitors yourself or alternatively an IEM cleaning service is available too. Cables if required can be found by clicking here.

/// Custom IEM Co. Hygiene Starter Kit: 28
Our hygiene starter kits, pictured here, consist of 3 wax tools, a cable shirt clip, a pack of 30 cleaning wipes and a Tech-Care Sta-Dri Dehumidifier Kit.

/// Fir Audio Headphone Vacs & IEM Dryers: from 149
Industry standard vacs for the removal of earwax, dirt and other objects lodged inside IEM sound bores, also available are their IEM dryers, click here to view the models. Fir Audio vac spares can be ordered from the menu below.

/// Wax Tools: 4 each or 3 for 11
Industry standard robust wax removal and IEM cleaning tools. Supplied with a wax loop to 1 end and a stiff brush to the other.

/// Replacement Detachable Cables: from 29.99
We stock a wide range of replacement cables, in most cases they are available for immediate disptach, full details can be found here.

/// IEM Cleaning Wipes: 6 (pack of 30)
Easy to use moist, hygienic wipes. Ideal for quick on-the-go cleaning, supplied in packs of 30, individually wrapped.

/// IEM Drying Tub: 6
Ideal for everyday use, they absorb moisture that is present in your IEMs when used with the drying tablets. Supplied as a tub with an airtight lid.

/// IEM Drying Tablets: 6 (pack of 4)
Drying tablets / capsules for use with the drying tub, supplied as a pack of 4.

/// Tech-Care Sta-Dri Dehumidifier Kit: 15
The Tech-Care Sta-Dri Dehumidifier Kit, pictured here, consists of a drying tub which is slightly larger than the IEM Drying Tub above to help cater for longer or thicker cables, within the kit you'll also receive a large desiccant container that can be recharged when full of moisture via heating.

/// Earol: 7 (10ml spray)
Earol spray has a simple yet unique self-use delivery system capable of dispensing a discrete unit dose of olive oil into the outer ear, softening compacted ear wax. Earol can also be used to help prevent ear wax build up for those that are prone to excess ear wax, used once a week it will aid ear hygiene and maintain healthy ears.

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/// IEM Cleaning: 40
Wax and debris removal from the sound tubes at our Hertfordshire HQ, click here to book (detachable cables can also be replaced at standard prices) - If you'd prefer to send us your IEMs for cleaning please log your request via our repairs & servicing page by clicking here.