/// 3D Impression Scanning
What that means to you, our valued and potential clients!

The digital age is slowly creeping into the world of Custom In Ear Monitors and custom ear plugs, for a while we reviewed who was working with 3D scans and what other manufacturers would make the switch in time. Why you might ask? For us a desktop 3D impression scanner was a huge investment...

How is this all going to benefit you? In the past ear impressions made by us or posted into us by you were mailed to your chosen manufacturer, so what if, we could scan your impressions and have them on the west coast of the US before you’ve even reached your car from our office!

Often we also had clients in for custom IEMs and custom ear plugs, that meant 2 sets of ear impressions, 1 set going to the custom IEM manufacturer and 1 set going to the ear plug manufacturer. Or we had 1 product made and sent back to us with your impressions which were then sent off to the 2nd manufacturer, this added a delay to your 2nd order which wasn't always ideal albeit that it saved you paying for 2 sets of impressions - With our desktop 3D impression scanner that’s 1 set you’ll now pay for, we’ll scan them and then forward on, to both of your chosen manufacturers!

What else? We can store them! As "The Home of Custom In Ear Monitors in the UK" we want to be the best, we want to offer you the best choice, the best service, the best facilities. If we have a scan of your impressions that means no more impressions required from you for up to 5 years and as an independent specialist we can of course forward them to whoever you like.

Production timescales and scans: Working digitally allows the technicians at your chosen manufacturer to work on your impressions, not by hand but via software, making all the cuts, shaping and imperfection removing a much quicker process and if they don’t like what they see they can simply hit the “undo” button and re-work them! Build times reduce again! This is already proving it's worth in the industry, we have a 2 week lead time with Ultimate Ears, that's door-to-door, often quicker!

Lastly, we also plan to be a UK digital ear impression scanning and storing hub! You what I hear you mumbling? In essence, this basically means that even if you don’t buy your custom IEMs with us or even have ear impressions made by us we’ll still offer you our services, to scan, to store and to send your impressions (or all 3) to any manufacturer in the world, assuming they accept scans of course! If not we can still scan them and forward the original impressions to anywhere in the world on your behalf and or return them to you - For people in the music industry you’ll immediately understand how important this is to you, the cost and time saving opportunities are huge!

Our 3D scanning service is called Scan3 and will include the options shown below...

Scan3: £25 - Ear impressions will be prepared for scanning, scanned, stored for 5 years and emailed (further scan retrievals are £10 per retrieval)

Note: When placing an order with us for a custom product the scanning and storing of your ear impressions is FREE, the above prices only apply to clients wishing to use the services listed for the scanning and storing of their ear impressions however should you wish to receive a copy of your scans our standard fee of £25 will apply.