Our T&C's as at :

/// 1: Once we have a confirmed custom order (payment, impressions and option choices) we are unable to amend, cancel or offer refunds as our manufacturers will not accept changes once we have placed orders with them.

/// 2: During the order process of your custom product the manufacturers give very few updates as they are all focused mainly on their production. Please trust that we monitor the progress of all orders so you don't have to worry, generally speaking we track the 2 key important changes of your order status, that being, have the ear impressions or 3D scans arrived safely and has your order shipped back to us from the manufacturer - We are unable to chase the manufacturers for updates unless they have gone over our expected production and shipping timescale.

/// 3: Production timescales quoted are always approximate estimations, for reference these can be found on the order updates page via our Support section (customer zone) or within our confirmation email. We strongly suggest that you do not orgainise any gigs based on you needing your custom product until we have delivered your order to you - We cannot be held responsible for any losses that surround this matter.

/// 4: Order updates are all added to the order updates page via our Support section (customer zone), please do not call or email for updates.

/// 5.1: Warranty (Custom In Ear Monitors): All custom in ear monitors have a 1 year warranty which are subject to the manufacturers terms and conditions. 64 Audio, Empire Ears and Ultimate Ears offer a 2 year warranty on all of their custom in ear monitors, these warranties are also subject to the manufacturers terms and conditions. Note that there is a 1 year workmanship warranty offered on a reshell (For full details please ensure that you have read the reshell disclaimer on the reshell page).

We can deal with any warranty issues for you and the shipping back to any non-UK manufacturer.

/// 5.2: Warranty (Custom Sleeves): Custom sleeves come with a limited 30 day workmanship and defect warranty (warranty excludes any P&P costs). Damage caused by accident, misuse, improper or unauthorised handling, modification, repair or negligence is excluded.

/// 6: Warranty (Detachable Custom In Ear Monitor Cables): Manufacturers generally do not offer a full warranty on their cables due to the nature of their use, in most cases a 30 day limited warranty is offered (6 months on 64 Audio cables supplied after April 2017, 1 year on Ultimate Ears cables supplied after May 2018). Our advice is to keep a spare at all times.

/// 7: Refits / Adjustments: All custom in ear monitors (incl. custom sleeves) come with a manufacturers free 30 day refit period (64 Audio offer 45 days, as do InEarz on their reshells and custom in ear monitors, Ultimate Ears have an extended coverage for fit issues, please see our "Problem with my Custom IEMs" page within our Support section for full details), we also include the shipping of your custom in ear monitors back to all non-UK manufacturers within this (the cost of shipping your custom in ear monitors back to us is excluded). After delivery please advise us asap if you feel that your custom in ear monitors have a fit issue, in most cases we can often assist in getting a better fit but we also need to notify the manufacturer for you to qualify. After the free refit period has passed regretfully the manufacturer will not offer a free refit.

/// 8: Repairs: In most cases we can handle out of warranty repairs, charges will apply.

/// 9: General Information: Our Support section has a wealth of information (and tips) including how to correctly insert custom in ear monitors if you are a first time user, why using 1 IEM can be dangerous and much more, we suggest you check this out.

/// 10: Manufacturers Terms: We are bound by the terms of our manufacturers and therefore must work within their parameters, we have made every effort to ensure that they are reflected within the points above (although these are not exhaustive), eg: should a set of custom in ear monitors arrive with us and they are defective in some way, the timescale and procedure for correcting this would be beyond our control.