/// Sean McGhee: Vocalist, Programmer, Songwriter, Producer
I had my first chance to road test the UE7a IEMs at Alison Moyet rehearsals and a subsequent show last weekend. They performed brilliantly and fit me perfectly. Thanks very much for all your help with getting them (and my ears) all sorted.

/// Johnny Beavers
I got my A12s a while back and have to say they're a really great product. Wanted to thank you for taking great impressions and being such a comfort to work with.

You guys have a great space and I felt so at ease getting things done. Thanks for the work you guys put into making your office a bright, clean, and inviting environment. I think it really makes the difference to your clients.

The fit is fabulous! I'm so pleased. I'll see if I can snap a picture for your social media.

/// Cass Faulconer: Bass, Cirque du Soleil - Amaluna
I just want tell you how happy I am with my new IEMs. The fit and feel is amazing. The first day I wore them was like the first time I ever heard the show. Our monitor engineer has dialed them in and the show is so much more fun to play. †I really appreciate the personal care of fitting me and delivering them quickly. Thanks again for all your help.

/// Rod Beaver: Audiophile
The InEarz 350XBs arrived this morning. First impressions are of a first-class fit. Sound quality will take a little longer to assess but I have been playing a 24-bit audio album with a sampling rate of 192kHz. The album is very-well known to me, being a favourite and my initial impression is of a very immersive sound of excellence balance and fine detail, i.e. 10/10! At the price, the InEarz Audio product is superb value for money in my opinion! Around 1.5 years ago, you arranged a set of Ultimate Ear 5s for me. The process, on both occasions was very smooth, very courteous and very professional. Thank you.

/// Rob Johnston: Musician
Just a message to say thanks for the great service, my iem's fit perfectly!! And the sound and isolation is fantastic. I will gladly recommend your service to fellow musicians.

/// Doug Cheung: Audiophile
I received the custom IEMs earlier today - happy to report they fit perfectly and sound great! So just wanted to say thanks for the excellent ear impressions and smooth ordering process. I will direct anyone who's interested in these to you in the future.

/// John Bilyj: Musician & Audiophile
Got the 'phones (Ultimate Ears UE-5 Pro) on Saturday morning, thank you. Been a bit busy (our daughter just bought a house) but been listening a lot tonight and am gobsmacked as to how good they are! Last earphones were Super 5 pros with custom sleeves which were brilliant, but these are a serious step up! They are louder than the previous ones, and more comfortable. Going on holiday in a few weeks so that will break them in.

I have a couple of gigs lined up in November so will check them out in more strenuous circumstances. Extremely very well impressed. Thanks. Will have to hide the bank statement from the wife for a while.

/// Paul Bateman: Conductor, Composer, Pianist & Arranger
Greetings from Japan (Sarah Brightman Tour). I just wanted to let you know that the single side earpiece (UE1) has worked out brilliantly for me on this concert tour. We debated at length the possible ideal solution for a conductor to have just one side or not and the only possibility was to try it and see. Well it turns out to be the perfect solution, enabling me to hear click tracks and a general orchestral mix along with hearing the orchestra live. So thanks again!

/// Charlie Salter. Audiophile
I am speechless, the sound quality is just incredible, much better than I thought it would be. They fit perfectly, and am just getting used to taking them out and putting them in. Just incredible sums up everything, not only the quality of the product, but the level of service I have received, which I wish was present in every company, but unfortunately is not, honestly, it's the best service I have ever had for anything.

/// Robert Worboys. Guitarist
I received them. They are amazing! Fixed all the problems I used to have with universal IEMs. Thank you so much for helping me through the process of getting these - It means a lot!

/// Daniel Forster (Director). Key AV
Got them - My goodness, talk about perfect. They make the hairs on my back stand up... Perfection indeed... Huge thanks!

/// George Solidakis. Sound Engineer
IEMs received on time, they fit well and sounding perfect. I'd like to take this opportunity and thank you about the excellent unprecedented correspondence throughout the process.

/// Luca Ghafourpour. Musician / DJ
I got my JH11s today and I just want to say that they are awesome! They look and sound amazing and the level of detail is unreal! I would just like to thank you for your amazing cooperation and how you were always very quick to answer my emails when I had queries. You offer such an amazing service which has left me feeling so happy about my purchase. Loving the instagram post and can't wait to take them to my gig on friday!!!

/// Paul Musgrave. Musician
The UE4ís arrived this morning. They fit perfectly and sound great. I am very happy. Thanks for your help, advice and service - Cheers!

/// Mark Boyd. RMB Audio
Just to let you know I received my 1964 ears and all I can is 'awesome' thanks for a swift, efficient service and a level of customer care and support that I'd be happy to recommend to anyone!

/// Aaron Hamilton-Brown. Audiophile
These headphones (Ultimate Ears UE-5) are amazing, isolation is unlike anything Iíve experienced before. Best Iíve ever had! Thanks for everything, Iíll definitely be recommending to some of my audiophile pals.

/// Matt Isaac. Guitarist
Just wanted to drop you a line now that Iíve had some time with the moulds. Been using them on a few things, pretty much solidly since they arrived, really really impressed, absolutely excellent sound response, fit and everything, definitely picked the right ones! They have really made monitoring so much better, when I'm out working the difference really makes things run much more smoothly.

Just wanted to say thanks for your help through the process, your whole set up is brilliant, and made the whole experience really good. Service was excellent, guidance was excellent, basically the whole thing, am busy pointing anyone who mentions IEMs towards you!

Thanks again, hope business is going well. Iíll be in touch as soon as I need anything else.

/// Ben Wealthyland Andoh. Musician
I just wanted to thank you and your team both custom IEM and 1964 ears not only did you all have great timing, the in ears are looking and sounding amazing!! I really hope this is the start of a great venture thank you once again, I've just probably had one of the best live recordings in a very long time...

/// Alex Miller. Senior Engineer at Castle Rock Studios
I picked up the plugs today...

Thank you so much. I'm at a gig right now and had to mail you to tell you how good they are. These moulds feel so much better than my old ones.

I can talk and sing without any leakage spilling in. The fit feels tighter. And the overall footprint of them is smaller.

Absolutely superb job mate. So pleased with them. And I'll be recommending you to everyone I speak to!

Thanks again.

/// M Hinchliffe. Audiophile
My Roxannes arrived yesterday morning, and initial impressions are great. I have only had time to listen fairly briefly but they have exceeded my expectations. I'm really pleased with the carbon finish too - I think they look awesome.

The fit is perfect - so much better than my old custom IEMs. I find them easy to fit but a little harder to remove at the moment, but I'm following your guidance to rotate them forwards as I take them out.

In terms of sound quality, they're already providing all the clarity, depth and detail for which I was hoping. I am giving them a good burn-in at the moment, just to help everything bed in, so haven't analysed the sound in detail. I'll leave that until the weekend, I think. However, even now I know I have finally found an IEM that doesn't need upgrading or replacing any time soon. This quest is over :-)

You've been incredibly helpful, and I appreciate your guidance in finding the right IEM for me. I know they're expensive, but I'm delighted I chose the Roxannes - Thanks again for all your help.

/// Cathy K on behalf of her drummer son Sean M
Just to let you know, Sean's IEM's arrived safely yesterday and he's over the moon with them.

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance over the last few weeks, your customer service has been brilliant! If only other people were so professional!

/// Trewin Howard. Singer from Phoria
Arrived OK! Thanks very much! They are a great fit and I honestly can't believe how good they sound. I have quite unusual hearing damage (hyperacusis and distortion in the mid range over a certain volume) and this is the best way I've found to listen to music yet. Can't wait to try them out on stage next!

/// Katie Patterson. Drummer
Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how I'm getting on with the UE-7s. I'm loving them! They are very comfortable and the sound is great. It makes the show much easier to play than when I did it last year with headphones. I've passed on your company details to a few friends and will continue to do so.

/// Allen Clarke. Audiophile
Just a quick note to thank you so much for your time during the demo and taking care of the manufacture and delivery of my UE7ís. Your service levels and patience while we went through the selection process was greatly appreciated.

I am absolutely blown away by the comfort, and most importantly the astonishing musicality of these monitors. If I could wear them permanently I would. Now starting the long journey of re-appreciating all of my albums.

/// Dan Day. Drummer / Percussionist / Teacher
Received my monitors yesterday, used them on the show and they are fantastic! The sound difference from my headphones is incredible, I can hear so much more. Little things that just never came through with my headphones. Thanks for all your help!

/// Charlie Marsden. Vocalist, Drummer & Sound Engineer
I have received and tested my IEM's and as far as I can tell from this point, they are perfect! A massive thankyou for all the time spent talking stuff through. Beyond brilliant customer service!

/// Colin Gardiner. Guitar / Vox
I picked up my IEMs tonight and have just tried them out - they fit absolutely perfectly. I've plugged them into my iPod and they are sounding lovely! I'll get a chance to use them in the studios next week to give them a proper road test. Very much looking forward to hearing my vocals and guitar above our 'tame' drummer ;-)

Thanks again for your excellent service! Cheers, Colin.

/// Simon Hassell
IEMs were the only thing missing from my headphone collection. I could never get them to fit comfortably, if at all, and they always gave a very poor sound quality compared to the high end open backed phones I'm used to. Paul's expertise in getting the best possible ear impressions combined with his integrity and depth of experience reassured me that not only would I end up with an IEM that fitted perfectly, but that I would be happy with sound quality too. 6 weeks later I'm the proud owner of super comfortable, super fitted and super sounding 1964 Quads. Can't recommend the service enough, even if, like me, you have to buy 'blind'.

/// Raoul Crane. Owner of Blaze-Studios.co.uk
For a long time I always wanted IEM's but knew they were out of my price range along with not having the facility for all 3 of us in the band (The Floating Greyhounds) to have our own individual mix. About 6 months ago I started looking into what we needed as a band and could afford allowing us to go the IEM route. After days of research I found a great company called "The Custom IEM Company" These guys had great prices advertised on the website and had a selection of different IEM's to pick from, it also stated that they had demo versions that we could try, this for me was why I choose The Custom IEM Company. Paul was extremely helpful and very professional he didn't try and sell us IEM's that were out of our price range and let us take our time listening to all the demo sets. I decided to go for the 1964 Ears six driver ones while the drummer and bass player went for 1964 Ears triple drivers. We had to wait around 5 weeks to get them, but we knew it was going to be worth the wait.

Well 5 weeks went by and they arrived in the post, as a band we were excited, but a little worried if they would do the trick as we are quite a loud rock band. After the third song I had the perfect mix in my ears it was unbelievable I couldn't believe how clear the sound was and I could hear every instrument in the mix. This was a first for me and the rest of the band we just could not believe it!!!

For 2 months now we have been using IEM's and I can honestly say along with my band mates we could not ever play a gig without them now. We have become tighter as a band and sound a lot more professional. My IEM's are so good Iím now about to purchase a second pair from Paul at "The Custom IEM Company" just incase I ever lose my original pair. A big thank you goes to Paul for all his advice and time through this ground breaking process I have made with my band. Once again thank you!!!

/// John Clarke Steadicam Operator. ACO, GBCT
Dear Paul, thanks so much for your excellent service in getting my order to me in a remarkably short time. They turned up the morning of the first shoot day of The Voice UK and I am most impressed with the quality. Job well done, Thanks again...

/// Danny White. Cliff Richard Tribute Act
Hi, I had my impressions done today with Paul at the premises in Herts. Very friendly and didn't rush to get me out of the door. I am very fussy with sound being a vocalist and Paul was very helpful and gave loads of info about the products. I already put the 1964-Q in my basket prior listening to them...and wow!!! Great sound across the range and very smooth, can't wait to try them out on stage - Cheers Paul.

...and once he'd received them he said "Fit like a glove and sound amazing, my best musical purchase yet".

/// Michael Kurn. Sports TV & Radio Presenter
Massive thanks to Paul at The Custom IEM Company, amazing!! (This is 1 of many positive comments from MK's twitter feed).

/// Raoul Crane. Owner of Blaze Studios / Guitarist
Got the in ears Paul, they are awesome, thank you for all you done. Great service will defo recommend you guys to others. Once again, thank you!!!

/// Steve Davies. MD at Subfrantic Production Services
Hi Paul, just to let you know that the custom IEMs have arrived and I love them!

/// Chris Lovejoy
Hi Paul, Just to let you know that I have had the JH16 for a few days and have had them playing for more time than should be healthy and

1) the finish is great and I'm loving the fact that you led me to the translucent/transparent finish. When they are out of my ears I just stare at them and the details contained within.
2) they are a great fit and feel comfortable over extended listening sessions. I cannot go back to my old universals now.
3) the noise attenuation is so good now that I'm finding my listening volumes are much lower now, great for retaining what hearing I have left.
4) lastly, but most importantly, they sound absolutely awesome. I really can't tell you all the superlatives I could use without being corny. Every time I play a favourite track I'm beaming from ear to ear. Nuff said.

Thanks for taking the time to walking me thru the selection process. I'm a very happy camper, Cheers - Chris.

/// Andrew Reid
Hi Paul, Quick note to say that I got my JH16's yesterday and they are absolutely spot on! Fit is perfect and they sound amazing so very happy. Glad I went for the blue with orange lettering also. My wife tweeted that she'd now lost her husband to a pair of JH Audio headphones...think she has a point. Anyway, thanks for all your help getting me set up with them! Regards, Andrew.

/// Mark Grimmett. Singer / Songwriter and Frontman for UK Rock Band 3SIXTY
Wow wow wow! New in ear monitors are awesome, heard myself properly for the first time in years! Get yours from The Custom IEM Company, they rock!!!!!

/// Paddy Blight. Guitarist, Bass Player and Vocals
Hey Paul, just to let you know they have arrived...for starters the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! Fit seems great, I think will take some getting used to as they are my first customs, and I'm used to the rubber tips! The sound is immense, just heard some stuff in one of my favourite tracks I've never noticed before! Very pleased!

/// Matthew Gillatt. Drummer
Just received my 1964ís. I cannot put into words the quality of the sound and the fit is superb (Even with my odd shaped canalís!). The only bit of advice I could give anybody thinking about investing in, in ear monitors, is do it, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again.

/// Daunton Todd
Just a quickie to say my 1964 Ears arrived next day as you promised and I am delighted with them, the finish of course and the sound - delicious to say the least. I would just like to say your advice, attention to detail and patience were superb and I have already recommended you to some colleagues who may, if they decide to indulge themselves, be giving you a call - they'd be silly not to I suggest. Once again, thank you very much one delighted customer here.