/// So you've chosen 64 Audio, but which model is for you?
64 Audio is the new name for 1964 Ears who now bring you their A-Series Custom IEMs and their U-Series Universal IEMs.

The A-Series custom IEMs are designed for the professional musician and the most discerning listener. It's all about the sound - The revolutionary apex Technology dramatically enhances sound quality and eliminates pneumatic pressures that are created by miniature speakers in a sealed ear. By eliminating pneumatic pressure in the ear canal, the high, mid and low frequencies remain synchronized as they travel through the ear canal, this results in a more coherent and wider soundstage. Each set of custom IEMs is also handcrafted from an ear impression to precisely fit your ear using the latest 3D manufacturing technology - This gives a whole new meaning to fit and comfort.

The apex Technology is the world's first and only patented in ear technology that safely delivers a louder, more spacious and richer sound all while minimizing the risk of hearing loss from personal listening devices. The technology features a more compliant secondary eardrum that absorbs the pneumatic pressures produced by conventional IEMs and provides a much safer listening experience. It delivers sound the way it was always meant to be heard - With apex, bass sounds deeper, midrange is clearer and highs sound richer than ever.

Current models in the range are: A2e, A2, A3, A4, A6, A8, A10, A12 and A18 - For the U-Series IEMs please click here and if you would like to demo any of the 64 Audio custom in ear monitors please jump over to our demo sessions page...