/// 64 Audio EP-Custom Ear Plugs: 220


Everyone at The Custom IEM Company understands their responsibility in safeguarding your most precious sense of hearing. Its a role we take very seriously and we take great pride in the knowledge that, over the years we have helped many customers to protect their hearing while working, playing instruments, enjoying their hobbies, their sports activities and their passions.

The EP-Custom Earplugs with apex Technology are the worlds most advanced custom earplugs that offer more sophisticated hearing protection than any other plugs on the market. EP-Cs take advantage of their 3D FiT Technology, resulting in a better fit and greater comfort. These hard-acrylic ear plugs will last much longer than silicone products, due to the lifespan of the material.

The apex modules (which are all compatible with the EP-Cs) absorb pneumatic pressure in the ear. This alleviates stress on the eardrum created by the occlusion effect. The apex module contains a synthetic eardrum that absorbs pneumatic pressures created by vibrations and sounds. These modules also provide even attenuation of frequencies, resulting in a clearer sound. With the EP-Cs and their accompanying apex modules, wearers can turn down the volume of the outside world while keeping the eardrum relaxed and fatigue-free.

For the 64 Audio EP-Custom Ear Plugs you will need to have ear impressions, these will need to be made by an audiologist and are not included in the price.
/// Isolation: -20dB
/// Removable Module: M20 (-20dB)
/// Model: EP Ear Plugs, Case and Wax Cleaning Tool
/// Quality Checking of Ear Impressions: Yes
/// 3D Scanning & Storing of Ear Impressions: Yes
/// Cost of Shipping Impressions to Manufacturer: Yes
/// Cost of Shipping Completed Ear Plugs from Manufacturer to Us: Yes
/// Taxes, Duty & UK Customs Handling Charges: Yes
/// Bank Fees for International Payment: Yes
/// Cost of Shipping Completed Ear Plugs from Us to You: +7
/// Mould Type: Canal
/// Mould Colours: Clear, Solid Black or Translucent Charcoal
/// Mould Material: Acrylic
/// Lanyard: Included (if required)
/// M20 (-20dB) apex Modules: +85
/// Option 1: As the home of custom in ear monitors in the UK you could visit us at our offices in Hertfordshire and we could make your ear impressions or we can refer you to our partner clinic in London or
/// Option 2: We have a mobile service that covers London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, West Suffolk or
/// Option 3: Place your order and we'll put you in touch with your nearest UK audiologist, we will also send you a pre-paid voucher to take with you to your appointment, this covers the cost of your ear impressions or
/// Option 4: If you are a band or group of musicians that require multiple IEMs and ear impressions please call us as we are able to offer package deals, our coverage area for this extends to most parts of England
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